Warning Signs Of A Recruitment Agency

When you sign up with a recruitment agency, it is meant to be a partnership where you both benefit from finding a good job. However, as it is a lucrative market, there are companies that are taking advantage of job-seekers.

The last thing you need is to be messed around by the person who is meant to be helping you and it can severely hinder your job search. Here are some things to watch out for when starting the recruitment process.

They Charge Fees

The recruitment agency should offer a free service and make their money off you getting hired. So if they are trying to charge you – even if it is for a ‘premium service’ – then do not work with them.

Don’t hand over any money and be sure to check any contracts you sign. There can be hidden loopholes where they require you to pay an administration fee further down the line.

This is a blatant attempt to increase profits and is unacceptable.

Insincere In Their Promises

Some agencies like to stockpile candidates and don’t have the opportunity to put them forward for job interviews. Or alternatively, they may put you forward for lots of jobs that you aren’t suited for – either way, you won’t be hired.

If they don’t interview you in person or call you up and don’t ask many questions, then they are not invested in your future. Be careful if they also promise you a job without offering any details.

The employer is the one who makes the final hiring decision so a consultant can’t promise you a role. A reputable agency will brief you on the role and let you know you are being put forward, instead of just guaranteeing it.

Don’t Respect Your Privacy

Your recruitment agency will have a lot of your personal information and it is their duty to be respectful of where they send it. You have a right to know where your details are being sent so you can confirm it.

You need an agency with a good reputation and that is candidate-focused. Ask plenty of questions about past history with clients and you will get a sense of how much they care.

If they give stock answers with little detail, then they are clearly more about the profit than the person.

Trust Your Gut

Pick an agency that you like and fits your career goal – even if that is a smaller company. When you meet a recruitment consultant in person, you will know if they are on your side.