How To Pick A Recruitment Agency

Job seeking is a competitive market and nowadays there are many candidates for every ‘good’ job role. Sometimes you may be qualified, educated and with relevant employment history, but you can still struggle to get an interview.

This is why job seekers are using recruitment companies to help them get their foot in the door. A good agency will have great resources and will know of jobs that aren’t advertised on job-seekers websites.

They can be the additional push your job-search needs, but it is important to pick a good one. There are some key points you need to look out for when making the difficult decision.

Pick A Good Fit

It can be tempting to only apply to a company that is advertising a job you are interested in, but that isn’t always the right way. You need a company that will help you in the long-term and guides you through your career progression.

An agency that offers jobs at all levels is a good candidate, as you know they have built relationships with companies. This means that if you want to move up or to a different sector, they will be able to help you.

An Approachable Company

Your recruitment agency is your direct contact with the job market and you need them to be a good representative. Look for an agency where the team is friendly and approachable.

If your interview goes well and they seem genuinely interested in your career path rather than just asking stock questions, that is a good sign. You don’t want a company that will just go through the motions and recruit anyone.

Good At Sales

As well as being friendly, they also need to be good at selling. You need someone who can persuade future employers that you are the right candidate and can fill the role.

There is likely to be a lot of competition so you need an agency that is statistically strong in their field. Don’t be afraid to ask the agency their success rate and what your chances are.

Industry Experience

An agency that either specializes in your preferred industry or has recruited for them several times is a good choice. They will have built strong relationships and have helpful contacts for your job search.

An established agency will get preferential treatment from businesses looking to fill a role and will have more sway in the pitching process. Discover the experience of the consultant you will be working with.

If they have long-term, established relationships with employers then you know they will put you in a good position.

Additional Help

Good recruitment agencies offer all-round help on the road to finding a job. They can advise you on what to wear to interview and how to make your CV the best it can be.

This can be the difference between being ignored and getting an interview.