10 Jobs that Come with Pensions

jobs with pensions

As many will be planning for their retirement at a later age while working, however, pensions are rarer than ever. There are still several jobs that will provide their employees with generous pensions for retirement. Employers that offer a pension it is generally in specific jobs like teaching, protective service, and more. Union and government employees are more likely to receive a pension plan.

What is a Pension?

A pension is provided by your employer as a guaranteed retirement income after you have retired from working. To qualify and be eligible for this payment, you must be working for a company for several years these number of years can vary. The number of years that you work the pension benefit will increase, so the more years that you work the more money you will receive. Having a retirement plan and a pension fund will set you up for your future.


Pensions are offered to all primary, secondary, and special needs teachers and to higher-level education service providers such as universities and colleges. Teaching is one of the largest public sector pensions. Once the pension requirements are met teachers can expect a portion of the salary in their retirement pension fund.

Protective service

People who serve and protect the country are eligible for a generous pension. Most protective service jobs have physical qualifications that are necessary to perform the role.


An Garda Siochana are responsible for protecting the public and carry out policing duties across the country. Garda members can qualify for a full pension after 30 years of service. You can retire by the age of 55 and enjoy a public service pension.

Fire Fighters

If you work as a firefighter, the chances are you will be enrolled in a state pension. With a state pension program, you could be paid up to 90 percent of your wages after retirement.


Pharmaceuticals is a great industry to seek employment due to their long-term pension plans. It can take a long time to conduct complex pharmaceutical research and bring a product to the market. A reward for all long-term employees is experience and a good retirement pension.


Due to the nature and training of the job, employees working in the insurance industry will appreciate and understand plans more than other workers in other industries. An insurance company will offer a pension plan that all retired employees will benefit from.


Being a nurse is emotionally and physically challenging in which employees deal with patients from death to birth. Nurses are generally eligible for a pension after several years of working as a nurse. 42% of registered nurses will receive pension payments at the beginning of their retirement. According to Clarity Locums in Ireland, even Locum nursing and Healthcare jobs come with decent pensions.


The military are there to serve for a designated period often at least 20 years so they may qualify for a retirement pension. If you have served for longer periods of time you will receive a more generous retirement pension payment. The pension plan in the military can be confusing as the total compensation consists of one-time bonuses and taxable base pay as well as untaxed allowances for food, uniforms, and housing.

Local and state government

Almost all local and state government workers will be eligible for a pension. Private sector employment should not be compared with local and state government jobs. Public employees earn very generous pension payments with early retirement that will pay up to 70% of their wages.


According to BLS data, nearly all utility companies will provide 73% of their employees with a pension payment plan. Utilities generally prefer to keep their retirement structure consistent between their nonunion and union workforces and are typically heavily unionised. Most of the utility’s jobs are physical and can be demanding. The pension retirement plans are facilitated when the time is appropriate.


Almost 32% of warehousing and transportation employees will be eligible for a traditional pension plan. Depending on your employers, some workers might be eligible, and some plans may be closed or frozen to new employees.


A sales job that offers commission incentives will work out great for those who may seek early retirement. Working in the public sector you are putting in your time, you should then receive a great pension payment on your retirement.