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10 Jobs that Come with Pensions

jobs with pensions

As many will be planning for their retirement at a later age while working, however, pensions are rarer than ever. There are still several jobs that will provide their employees with generous pensions for retirement. Employers that offer a pension it is generally in specific jobs like teaching, protective service, and more. Union and government employees are more likely to receive a pension plan.

What is a Pension?

A pension is provided by your employer as a guaranteed retirement income after you have retired from working. To qualify and be eligible for this payment, you must be working for a company for several years these number of years can vary. The number of years that you work the pension benefit will increase, so the more years that you work the more money you will receive. Having a retirement plan and a pension fund will set you up for your future.


Pensions are offered to all primary, secondary, and special needs teachers and to higher-level education service providers such as universities and colleges. Teaching is one of the largest public sector pensions. Once the pension requirements are met teachers can expect a portion of the salary in their retirement pension fund.

Protective service

People who serve and protect the country are eligible for a generous pension. Most protective service jobs have physical qualifications that are necessary to perform the role.


An Garda Siochana are responsible for protecting the public and carry out policing duties across the country. Garda members can qualify for a full pension after 30 years of service. You can retire by the age of 55 and enjoy a public service pension.

Fire Fighters

If you work as a firefighter, the chances are you will be enrolled in a state pension. With a state pension program, you could be paid up to 90 percent of your wages after retirement.


Pharmaceuticals is a great industry to seek employment due to their long-term pension plans. It can take a long time to conduct complex pharmaceutical research and bring a product to the market. A reward for all long-term employees is experience and a good retirement pension.


Due to the nature and training of the job, employees working in the insurance industry will appreciate and understand plans more than other workers in other industries. An insurance company will offer a pension plan that all retired employees will benefit from.


Being a nurse is emotionally and physically challenging in which employees deal with patients from death to birth. Nurses are generally eligible for a pension after several years of working as a nurse. 42% of registered nurses will receive pension payments at the beginning of their retirement. According to Clarity Locums in Ireland, even Locum nursing and Healthcare jobs come with decent pensions.


The military are there to serve for a designated period often at least 20 years so they may qualify for a retirement pension. If you have served for longer periods of time you will receive a more generous retirement pension payment. The pension plan in the military can be confusing as the total compensation consists of one-time bonuses and taxable base pay as well as untaxed allowances for food, uniforms, and housing.

Local and state government

Almost all local and state government workers will be eligible for a pension. Private sector employment should not be compared with local and state government jobs. Public employees earn very generous pension payments with early retirement that will pay up to 70% of their wages.


According to BLS data, nearly all utility companies will provide 73% of their employees with a pension payment plan. Utilities generally prefer to keep their retirement structure consistent between their nonunion and union workforces and are typically heavily unionised. Most of the utility’s jobs are physical and can be demanding. The pension retirement plans are facilitated when the time is appropriate.


Almost 32% of warehousing and transportation employees will be eligible for a traditional pension plan. Depending on your employers, some workers might be eligible, and some plans may be closed or frozen to new employees.


A sales job that offers commission incentives will work out great for those who may seek early retirement. Working in the public sector you are putting in your time, you should then receive a great pension payment on your retirement.

Van Courier Jobs: The Pros And Cons

The economy relies on van couriers to get crucial products and packages from their sources to the customers and clients that need them. In fact, van couriers are a critical component of keeping the modern economy running smoothly.

This industry is always in need of qualified drivers willing to do the work well, and there are many reasons why you might want to consider leaping into this industry for your next career phase. Keep reading to learn five great reasons behind this. However, there are also five good reasons that might give you pause, so read on to learn what those are too.

Knowing all of this will help you make an informed decision with balanced information.

The Pros Of Van Courier Work

The van courier industry isn’t just a chance to make the money you need to pay your bills, as it actually offers some serious advantages and benefits that many in the labour force find appealing. They include but are not limited to the chance to escape from desk jobs, being their own boss or at least not having on looking over their shoulder, flexibility in their work schedule, and enjoying open roads and more holiday time with friends and family.

It’s Certainly Not A Desk Job

If you’re someone that enjoys meeting new people all the time, then working as a van courier might just be the line of work for you. Many van couriers wind up making deliveries to 50 or even 70 different places each day, and that’s a lot of fresh faces you get to meet while getting to make their day. Since you’re showing up with packages and goods they need or want, they’re usually going to be very happy to see you.

Your Boss Is In Your Mirror

If you decided to do this as a freelancer or establish your own firm, then you’re going to be the one calling the shots and making your own decisions. Many don’t get the chance to harness the power of their own future. You get to keep all your profits. Even if you do van courier work for an actual boss, you’re going to be on the road all the time where you don’t have to worry about them.

Flexible Scheduling

Sometimes, keeping the same schedule week in, week out for years can lead to boredom, burnout, and stress. Van courier jobs typically mean varying hours, and sometimes you can actually set your schedule as you prefer. Long-distance runs can get you out of town when it suits you, or you can do local deliveries if you want to stay closer to home. Being able to start and also finish early frees up your day, and you can even shift your patterns every week based on what’s good for you and your family.

Enjoy Open Roads

Many couriers enjoy the constant movement involved with the work. The roads have endless energy and motion to them, and you can be a part of the eternal flow.

Enjoy More Holidays

When businesses that use couriers are closed and taking time off, that means you get to do so as well. This puts a lot more holidays on your calendar.

The Cons Of Van Courier Jobs

After reading all those advantages and benefits to van courier opportunities, you might be thinking it’s time to sign up and give this career a go. However, for all the perks of this kind of work, you should also be aware of the downsides and disadvantages that can come along with it. They include potential lack of work, not something morning people like, the expenses involved, having to obey the rules of the road, and unpaid time off. You may also have to get your own van insurance policy.

Work Isn’t Guaranteed

If you work as a self-employed van courier, then you have to find clients, or you have no business. Even if you work a van courier job as an employee of someone else, if their orders dry up, your hours might get cut.

Not For Morning People

A lot of courier work happens in the morning, even when it’s still dark. Courier customers also have delivery needs at all times of day or night, and often different days of the week or month. If you’re looking for a routine and structured schedule, this might not be the kind of work that suits you.


The prices for unleaded and diesel are in a constant state of flux. Road tax and vehicle renting can also eat into your profits if you’re self-employed. Even when you work a van courier job for another company as an employee, those costs can eat into their operating margins, which can impact how much they have to spend on payroll, benefits, and raises.

Rules Of The Road

While the ‘open road’ appeals to many as they thrive on being part of the endless motion, many roads aren’t actually all that open. You might spend a lot of time just sitting in traffic. Also, keep in mind that professional driving means adhering to sets of rules and regulations that recreational drivers don’t have to bother with.

Fewer Benefits, If Any

Employee van courier workers don’t have to worry about this as much unless perhaps they are part-time and just don’t get benefits for not working enough. However, self-employed van couriers don’t get any benefits they don’t provide for themselves. All those extra holidays are unpaid.

Final Thought

Now you know five pros and five cons of van courier jobs. Hopefully, these help you decide whether or not this is right for you as a potential line of work.

Warning Signs Of A Recruitment Agency

When you sign up with a recruitment agency, it is meant to be a partnership where you both benefit from finding a good job. However, as it is a lucrative market, there are companies that are taking advantage of job-seekers.

The last thing you need is to be messed around by the person who is meant to be helping you and it can severely hinder your job search. Here are some things to watch out for when starting the recruitment process.

They Charge Fees

The recruitment agency should offer a free service and make their money off you getting hired. So if they are trying to charge you – even if it is for a ‘premium service’ – then do not work with them.

Don’t hand over any money and be sure to check any contracts you sign. There can be hidden loopholes where they require you to pay an administration fee further down the line.

This is a blatant attempt to increase profits and is unacceptable.

Insincere In Their Promises

Some agencies like to stockpile candidates and don’t have the opportunity to put them forward for job interviews. Or alternatively, they may put you forward for lots of jobs that you aren’t suited for – either way, you won’t be hired.

If they don’t interview you in person or call you up and don’t ask many questions, then they are not invested in your future. Be careful if they also promise you a job without offering any details.

The employer is the one who makes the final hiring decision so a consultant can’t promise you a role. A reputable agency will brief you on the role and let you know you are being put forward, instead of just guaranteeing it.

Don’t Respect Your Privacy

Your recruitment agency will have a lot of your personal information and it is their duty to be respectful of where they send it. You have a right to know where your details are being sent so you can confirm it.

You need an agency with a good reputation and that is candidate-focused. Ask plenty of questions about past history with clients and you will get a sense of how much they care.

If they give stock answers with little detail, then they are clearly more about the profit than the person.

Trust Your Gut

Pick an agency that you like and fits your career goal – even if that is a smaller company. When you meet a recruitment consultant in person, you will know if they are on your side.

How To Pick A Recruitment Agency

Job seeking is a competitive market and nowadays there are many candidates for every ‘good’ job role. Sometimes you may be qualified, educated and with relevant employment history, but you can still struggle to get an interview.

This is why job seekers are using recruitment companies to help them get their foot in the door. A good agency will have great resources and will know of jobs that aren’t advertised on job-seekers websites.

They can be the additional push your job-search needs, but it is important to pick a good one. There are some key points you need to look out for when making the difficult decision.

Pick A Good Fit

It can be tempting to only apply to a company that is advertising a job you are interested in, but that isn’t always the right way. You need a company that will help you in the long-term and guides you through your career progression.

An agency that offers jobs at all levels is a good candidate, as you know they have built relationships with companies. This means that if you want to move up or to a different sector, they will be able to help you.

An Approachable Company

Your recruitment agency is your direct contact with the job market and you need them to be a good representative. Look for an agency where the team is friendly and approachable.

If your interview goes well and they seem genuinely interested in your career path rather than just asking stock questions, that is a good sign. You don’t want a company that will just go through the motions and recruit anyone.

Good At Sales

As well as being friendly, they also need to be good at selling. You need someone who can persuade future employers that you are the right candidate and can fill the role.

There is likely to be a lot of competition so you need an agency that is statistically strong in their field. Don’t be afraid to ask the agency their success rate and what your chances are.

Industry Experience

An agency that either specializes in your preferred industry or has recruited for them several times is a good choice. They will have built strong relationships and have helpful contacts for your job search.

An established agency will get preferential treatment from businesses looking to fill a role and will have more sway in the pitching process. Discover the experience of the consultant you will be working with.

If they have long-term, established relationships with employers then you know they will put you in a good position.

Additional Help

Good recruitment agencies offer all-round help on the road to finding a job. They can advise you on what to wear to interview and how to make your CV the best it can be.

This can be the difference between being ignored and getting an interview.

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